Alexandra Bollag is a certified ITM Alexander Technique Teacher. ITM stands for “Interactive Teaching Method” which is one of many approaches to teaching the work of F.M Alexander.

Your first lesson will be scheduled for 1 hour.

First the teacher will take a short history. Then they will give you a 20-30 minute lecture that will introduce you to the fundamental ideas in the Alexander Technique according to the viewpoint of the ITM. This bespoke presentation will give you an understanding both of what the Alexander Technique is and how it can address your specific interests and concerns. It will also help you to clarify if the Alexander Technique is an approach that will appeal to you.

This introductory lecture will give you a foundation for your first lesson. In the Alexander Technique the teacher uses gentle touch and guided movement as well as relevant discussion and sharing of information to teach the work. The “hands on” element is non invasive.

Each lesson will give you the experience of how to apply the principles and ideas in the work directly to your everyday activities.

In the ITM the teacher will encourage you to ask questions and all lesson interactions are designed to address your specific needs and circumstances.

There is no need to wear anything special for a lesson, you can come in your everyday clothes.

Your first lesson will usually be sitting, as it is a simple activity to start with. As your lessons progress, you can use any activity you choose to explore how to apply the ideas in the work to your daily life. All follow on lessons are scheduled for 30 minutes.

If you are suffering from a health condition please do check with your primary health practitioner if they think Alexander Technique lessons are appropriate for your circumstances.

Please get in touch with Yew Tree Clinic in Bristol if you have any questions, would like to arrange a treatment or book an appointment.

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