Treatment is available for a great variety of different foot disorders, the most common including:

  • corns removal
  • callous removal
  • hard skin removal
  • verrucae treatment
  • treatment of various nail conditions including thickened nail, fungal nail and infected and deformed nails
  • heel pain
  • fungal infection of the skin and nails
  • diabetic foot care treatment to prevent the development of severe problems
  • pain in the pad of the foot
  • soreness in the toes
  • foot care and footwear advice
  • general care of the feet for the young and elderly
  • biomechanical assessment of the feet and lower limbs

Treatment is also available for flat foot and associated disorders, bursitis, chilblains, abnormal nail conditions and foot problems associated with diabetes. Treatments are suitable for all ages. Appointments are available for specific foot problems or for regular foot care.

Please get in touch with Yew Tree Clinic in Bristol if you have any questions, would like to arrange a treatment or book an appointment.

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