What is chiropody?

IMG_9339.jpgChiropody/podiatry is a profession for the care and treatment of the feet. Chiropodists and podiatrists are trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate to ensure that your feet don’t suffer from problems in the future.

Feet take the weight of the entire body and because of this, can be subject to a lot of stress and strain. Chiropody and podiatry involves the assessment, management and treatment of diseases and disorders of the lower limb.

Over 80% of people will develop foot disorders at some time during their life, older people being particularly prone to such problems.

The foot is the platform on which the body rests in standing, walking and running. It is designed to cope with all the stresses and strains imposed on it by daily life. Caring about our feet from an early age can prevent problems in the future.

Whilst many people work hard to look after themselves, the one area that is often neglected, possibly due to the fact that they are always covered, is our feet. As with teeth, it is important to make sure your feet are in good condition and regular checkups can prevent a lot of potential problems from developing. Chiropodists and podiatrists are highly trained to spot the signs of foot damage, skin and nail damage.

Many people seek chiropody and podiatry treatment to alleviate pain and associated health problems. A lot of people also choose to have regular sessions as part of a healthy foot care regime to prevent the onset of ailments.

The Yew Tree Clinic chiropodist is part of a team of experienced healthcare professionals, based in Bristol; dedicated to improving your quality of life, irrespective of age and fitness level.

Treatment is available for acute and long term conditions, specific foot conditions and regular general foot care.



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