Is massage suitable/appropriate for me/my condition?

Very few conditions make massage ill-advised.

We are happy to talk to you before you book an appointment, about particular condition(s) that you have, as well as the possible specific benefits of massage treatment.

What should I wear? Do I need to take off my clothes? Is oil used?

Many people come for massage from work in their ordinary clothes.

Massage can be with or without oil so you can take off as much or as little clothing as is comfortable for you. During the treatment most of your body will be covered with the drapes- a sheet and/or towels. Sessions can be a combination of some oily work on skin and some work without oil through the draping, working around your clothing preferences.

The massage couch is covered with tissue to absorb excess oil (if used). However, oil residue on the skin can mark delicate fabrics, like silks, so these and any items that are ‘dry clean only’ are best avoided next to your skin.

Some people like to bring loose, comfortable clothes for afterwards and some people wear particular underwear during their sessions e.g shorts/thong.

How long does a massage last?

Most sessions are 1 hour.

Longer sessions (1.5 or 2 hours) can be booked for particularly detailed and/or deeper, more complex work.

Does massage hurt? Can I talk during sessions? What do I do during a massage session?

Massage is generally a pleasurable experience and is not painful.

We discuss how the massage may feel and what suits you e.g. lighter or deeper pressure. Your feedback is sought and welcomed during the session and treatment is adjusted throughout to be as strong or gentle as feels good for you. Some tight and/or sore areas can feel good being massaged.

Some people like to be quite quiet in their sessions. Others like to talk and ask questions. During a treatment there is usually a mixture of both quiet times and talking. Many people experience a daydream-like state of relaxation at times and may fall asleep for short periods.

How often do people have massage?

People have massage as often or occasionally as suits them and their situation. This can be weekly/fortnightly, monthly, every 6-8 weeks, once a term.

Many ask for massage as their birthday/Christmas gifts so come 2/3/4 times per year.

When you start treatment, particularly if you have a long-term condition, having 2-3 sessions fairly close together (e.g. fortnightly/monthly) is helpful as the benefits of massage are cumulative.

How will I feel afterward?

You may feel a little light-headed for 5-10 minutes. It is good to drink water and best to be relatively restful and move around gently for a while after your session – maybe go for a short walk.

Please get in touch with Yew Tree Clinic in Bristol if you have any questions, would like to arrange a treatment or book an appointment.

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