Initial appointments begin by exchanging some information- answering any questions or concerns you may have, taking details of your medical history/medications, your day to day activities and any stressors or strains in your life.

The best treatment for you that day is then discussed and agreed. This will cover which areas of your body need detailed attention and what style of treatment suits you at that time e.g. invigorating, relaxing or deeper work on specific areas.

After clarifying what clothes you would like to keep on (see FAQ’s: What should I wear?), the practitioner leaves the room or holds a screen for you to undress and get onto the couch, with a sheet covering you.

At the end of the massage you are left, or assisted if appropriate, to get up slowly and dress.

Before you leave the room we discuss your treatment and what may be helpful e.g. simple stretches to maintain the benefits of the session.

Please get in touch with Yew Tree Clinic in Bristol if you have any questions, would like to arrange a treatment or book an appointment.

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