Claire Howard-Robinson DO, ESO – Clinic Proprietor

IMG_9559.jpgQualifying in 1992, Claire has many years’ experience working with people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.

Whilst working as an associate, she gained valuable experience voluntarily working at the large Osteopathic Centre for Children in London (OCC), prior to setting up her own practices in North and South Bristol in 1995.

In 2001, Claire opened the Yew Tree Osteopathic Clinic with the aim of bringing together a team of osteopaths and other health professionals, creating a truly holistic approach to health.

Over the years she has extended her studies and taken post–graduate MSc units in Neurology, Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Visceral and Research Methodology and has undertaken further studies in Cranial Osteopathy.


Claire’s multi-technique osteopathic approach to each individual patient, including structural, cranial, and visceral, has gained her an excellent reputation throughout Bristol and the local area. She has valuable experience in specialist areas of working with infants, children, pregnant women and sports-related injuries and often gives self-help advice including exercise. She has a keen interest in the treatment of chronic conditions, and in nutrition. She keeps her First Aid Certificate up to date.

Between 2002 and 2006 she acted as secretary and chairwoman for the Western Counties Society of Osteopaths.

About Claire

Outside of her osteopathic professional life, Claire is married with two children, living in the country on the edge of Gloucestershire. Claire loves to dance! She competes in both ballroom and Latin and has represented England on five occasions in both World Senior 10-dance Championships and Latin. At home Claire is a busy mum, keen organic gardener and jam maker!!

Keith Howard DO, ASO

IMG_9045Keith qualified and registered with the General Osteopathic Council in May 2000. As with many osteopaths, his interest was born out of a personal injury while studying martial arts in the 1980s. Initially training in sports and remedial massage, he went on to study osteopathy and, following this, Western Medical Acupuncture.

With his training in martial arts, years of running marathons, and playing guitar, Keith has invaluable experience to offer a special interest in sports including martial arts, athletics, and football. He has worked with musicians helping with posture and breathing for playing and singing.

He uses a combined osteopathic approach, structural and cranial, alongside acupuncture and electrotherapy, and as such is a valued member of the Yew Tree osteopathic team.

He is a member of the British Osteopathic Association, the British Medical Acupuncture Society and registered with The General Osteopathic Council.

About Keith

In his spare time he runs, plays music, writes songs and acts. Keith’s band is the Hogranch.

Davina Hill

IMG_9455.jpgDavina was awarded a Distinction in the 4 year Masters of Osteopathy course after completing her studies and clinical training at Oxford Brookes University. Since qualifying she has been based in Bristol and joined Yew Tree Clinic in the summer of 2013.

One of the aspects that originally drew Davina to osteopathy is the philosophical ideas behind the practice. Osteopaths look to find health within the body, and, using a range of techniques, work towards restoring the structural (or musculoskeletal) mechanics to their full potential. Achieving a balance of mechanics across the whole body enables the return of healthy physiological activity, particularly the flow of blood and lymph from the tissues. This leads to a cascade of healing and reparations of n or unhealthy tissues, thus reducing pain and dysfunction.


This underlying treatment ethic is something Davina has found particularly satisfying to work with. Whether she is treating a ‘simple’ sports injury, or a patient with chronic pain or medical issues, Davina looks at the body as a whole, taking into consideration all of the factors which may be contributing to your pain.

Having completed further training in Western Medical Acupuncture, Cranial Osteopathy and Sports Massage, she integrates a broad range of techniques and approaches into every appointment to achieve a tailored effective treatment to the individual patient.

Often people believe that the pain they have been living with is there for life. Davina finds working with patients who have a combination of conditions particularly rewarding. Rather than focusing on one particular area of the body, she looks at addressing the underlying problems in the body as a whole: For Davina it is essential to take into consideration all aspects of health, from physical traumas, such as previous accidents or operations, to ongoing illnesses and medications, to the effects emotional stress is having on the body. As different injuries and health issues are often related to one another, this holistic approach often provides wider-spread and longer lasting relief.

About Davina

Davina is now based in Bristol and as well as working at the Yew Tree Clinic, also works in Weston super Mare. Outside of work, Davina enjoys running, hiking, tennis, cooking, painting and has recently started to learn to play the piano.

Sebastian Partono

Seb headshotSebastian graduated from the European School of Osteopathy where he gained an Integrated Masters in osteopathy.

He is confident in a wide range of techniques from the more structural, including soft tissue and manipulations to cranial and visceral techniques.

Working in the New Zealand Premiership Football League as an osteopath, he gained experience working on acute sports injuries, rehabilitation, physical training and nutrition. He also worked in a general practice which saw many chronic conditions.

Furthering his learning, he has since gained qualifications in Existential Counselling as he believes the mind has powerful effects not only on our healing but helping us reach our potential in all aspects of our life.

His interest in mind body medicine has spurred research and attendance at courses on different healing modalities from around the world.
Sebastian will work closely with his patients and other health specialists to create a treatment plan that is most suitable to the individual.

About Sebastian

Sebastian is currently training for his second marathon but enjoys a mixture of yoga, meditation, calisthenics and weight lifting and to keep his mind and body healthy. He also enjoys playing the guitar, dancing, reading and surfing.

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