Your hypnotherapist will take background information to discover anything that is relevant to the treatment. She will ask you about your aims from the treatment and explain how hypnotherapy works and can help you with the changes you want to make. You will be invited to ask any questions you have about the treatment.

You can expect this to take from forty minutes to an hour, depending on how much relevant background information there is and how many questions you want to ask.

What should I expect in a usual hypnotherapy session?

In the first part of the session, your hypnotherapist will want to find out what has happened in your life since last seeing them, what progress there has been, as well as going into more detail about what further changes you wish to make. She will usually recap the basic plan for the hypnotherapy treatment and add more explanation of factors that are relevant to your situation.

You will then be invited to relax on a couch, whilst being talked through a physical relaxation. This focuses on relaxing your muscles from head to toe. Following this, you will then be guided into a relaxed mental state, using pleasant imagery. This is called a ‘trance’ state. Once in the trance state, she will make suggestions to your subconscious mind, to make changes to negative thought patterns and unhelpful assumptions and habits, supporting the changes that you want to make to your thoughts, emotions or behaviour.

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